“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

— Native American proverb

Product & Service (Mini-doc)


Let's face it, video production can be expensive. But using the "mini documentary" style can allow for high production feel that gets your point across without breaking the bank.



Fundraising videos are essential to non-profits, start-ups, and crowd-sourcing campaigns. There's a reason these headline web-pages looking for donations. High production value let's the viewer know you're serious about what your doing, and their donation is going to a good cause.



A brand film lays bare the soul of your business. Within the span of two minutes this type of advertisement can convey everything a customer will need to know about why your business is the right business for them to work with. It's perfect to embed in a home page, link in e-mails, or use as pre-roll at the local movie theatre.

Product & Service (Commercial)


Just because getting the word out about your product or service is the most basic form of advertising, doesn't mean the way you do it has to be boring. If you are doing something unique, focus on that. Tell that story. The audience will listen.



You represent your brand. And that's a good thing! A business profile is a cost effective way to state your mission to the world. What you do and how you do it is vital information to potential clients and customers.



A testimonial answers the most fundamental question people want to know about your business. "Is it any good?" Whether someone wants to know if the non-profit they support impacts the community in the right ways, of if the product/service they receive is effective, there's nothing like individual stories building consensus.

"We needed some testimonials from people involved in our program for a fundraising event. Nathan was able to capture their stories in an engaging way that delivered our message to a live audience. It was received with a standing ovation!"

  -  Carol Chidsey

 Marketing & Development @ CES


"The video Pushroot Films made for us is fantastic! It perfectly captured what we're going for with our brand!"

- Eric & Tami Olsen

Classic West


"The tone and feel of our video is spot on. It's a good representation of our store. I think our customers get a kick out of seeing me on camera."

- Angie Flint

Lander Bake Shop


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