"You have to understand that the shortest distance between truth and a human being is a story."

— Anthony de Mello

Never Quit (2017)

Originally created in collaboration with the Wyoming Military Vehicle Museum, the story of Tom Guthrie's time during WW2 was picked up by Wyoming PBS and incorporated in over air broadcasts and repackaged for their web series "Our Wyoming."

Wyoming Short Film Contest (2016)

Recently the Wyoming Film Office announced the return of the annual Short Film Contest. Jessie Allen (Miss Wyoming 2014) agreed to star in this piece attempting to answer the question "WY am I here?"


In 2015 we partnered with Republic Free Choice to create this 30 minute documentary. It was an enormous undertaking. We assembled a team of willing drivers and spent months building a race car. It was fun, it was heartbreaking, and it has become our most viewed piece yet. Insiders have informed us that it's the best film on racing LeMons they've seen.


Knowing your audience is critical in striking the right tone of a video. In this piece a combination of a "low budget" reality meets a "high budget" mentality to create the perfect trailer for a film about racing the 24hours of LeMons. It was featured on hooniverse.com and jalopnik.com.


While this is the least viewed piece of the the "$500 for Glory" documentary series, it was instrumental in convincing a core group of insiders that the rest of the videos we produced  would be of value.

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